Using Social Media to Grow your Business

Social media has developed from being a simple way to keep in touch into a multi-billion pound industry with a global reach. Each day, millions of people log in to their social media accounts, providing businesses with countless opportunities to grow, evolve and advertise their brand.

In this edition of the Pivotal Prints blog, we'll be looking at how using social media can drive YOUR print-on-demand business towards massive success.

Increasing Leads

Intelligent use of social media allows you to acquire more qualified leads via the use of advanced, personalised targeting. Make sure to spend time designing appealing, on-brand graphics that tempt your target market. The same goes for writing: make sure that you're doing this with your intended audience clearly in mind.

Improving Search Engine Ranking

A higher rate of social media share results in correspondingly high domain authority. This in turn results in a higher ranking in search engine results. Each time a user visits your social media platforms, your social media share will increase and you'll soon be enjoying top ranking on major search engines.

Driving Traffic

Many users discover new brands through social media platforms before visiting a brand's actual website. If you don't have a presence on these platforms then you're missing out on lots of organically-generated traffic. You need to have a profile on as many social media platforms as possible: through platforms like Facebook and Twitter are huge, don't focus solely on these. There are many others like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Learning from Competitors

It's a great idea to check out your competition on social media. You can learn a lot from both their successes and their mistakes, adapting and implementing this information to suit your own business.

Developing Customer Trust

Trust is key. Social media platforms provide a unique way for you to interact with your customers, often on a more personal and less formal level. This helps to foster a sense of trust that is crucial to success. Make sure that all of the content you post is authentic and always respond to customer feedback both positive and negative.

Creating Brand Recognition

Focus on creating a strong, recognisable brand and use this across social media to develop a sense of recognition from your customers. Use social media posts to share your unique selling points and tell customers what differentiates you from other brands.

Establishing your Brand as a Topical Authority

A topical authority is defined as a perception that your site has enough information on it to be considered an authority on a subject. To gain it, you need to make sure that your social media posts are relevant and relatable, covering all of the details about what you're offering. Make sure that all content is relevant and that you're posting regularly; search engines will then begin to recognise your topical authority in your niche.

Maximising Conversions

Once you've got traffic, you need to convert it into paying customers. Social media posts should include a call-to-action that encourages them to make a purchase. Make sure that your products are attractively displayed with all relevant purchasing information and offer a fast, fuss-free checkout.

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