T-Shirts: The Record Breakers!

Here at Pivotal Prints, custom printed t-shirts are one of our signature items. As we love these ubiquitous garments so much, we decided to take a dive into the record books and share with you some world records relating to t-shirts. Enjoy!

World's Largest T-Shirt

We supply t-shirts in a wide range of sizes but none quite as big as this! The largest t-shirt ever made measures a whopping 96.86m in length and 69.77m in width. It was created in Mumbai, India by the Plastindia Foundation and was made from 200,000 plastic bottles. After the record-breaking attempt, the green-and-white-striped t-shirt was broken down into 10,000 t-shirts of normal size which were distributed to the public.

World's Largest Display of Origami T-Shirts

From the giant to the tiny, Jude Coram of the UK spent many hours folding paper to create 4,036 origami t-shirts. Jude said that the COVID lockdown had given him the time and inspiration to fold the minuscule t-shirts, which made a colourful display on Paris Street in Exeter

Most T-Shirts Worn at Once

Challenged by his young son to break a world record, Ted Hastings from Canada decided to try and beat the existing record of 257 t-shirts worn at one time. He succeeded, adding three more to the existing record for a total of 260 t-shirts.

Most T-Shirts Removed While Heading a Football

Anyone who has tried to head a football continuously will know just how difficult it is but imagines trying to take off a t-shirt while you're doing it! In Los Angeles, USA at Univision’s Premios Balón de Oro de la Liga MX (an event celebrating football players from Mexico), Abraham Muñoz set this zany record by removing 22 t-shirts while controlling a football with only his head.

Most T-Shirts Folded in One Minute

It is of course essential to take good care of t-shirts to keep them in pristine condition but the UK's Graeme J. Cruden takes this to extremes! In just 60 seconds, Graeme folded an astonishing 23 t-shirts perfectly. The record has not been broken since it was set back in 2009.

Though our t-shirts don't hold any world records (yet!), they are of absolute premium quality and are printed with your designs with the greatest love, care and respect. Check out our collection of adult's and children's t-shirts on the Pivotal Prints website and subscribe to our free newsletter for lots of news, updates and special features like this.

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