Automate your order fulfilment with Pivotal Prints by Integrating your Etsy store for printing on-demand

If you’re selling on Etsy, why not automate your customer orders so that they come directly to us to fulfil?

Its so simple to do and will save you hours of work each week.

Your Guide to installing Pivotal Prints Etsy App

Step 1:  Registration on our site

If you aren’t already, please register for an account with Pivotal Prints.  Once you have your account set up, please sign in to install our Etsy App.

Step 2:  Install the Etsy App

You’ll see the ‘Activate Integration’ button – click that and you’ll be asked to sign into your Etsy store. 

It may now ask you for permission to allow the Pivotal Prints app to connect with your store. 

Click ‘Allow Access’ and you’ll be returned to our site.

However, if you were already signed into Etsy before clicking ‘Activate Integration’ it may well bypass this step.  Either way is just fine.

Step 3:  Your Etsy Store

If your Etsy store set up isn’t complete, then the apps won’t integrate and so we won’t be able to fulfil your orders for you.

If you do need to complete your Etsy set up, then please follow the prompts they provide until you reach your dashboard.  It’s the billing information which is the crucial element to complete.  Etsy bill you once a month and so if the information isn’t there, they won’t link our app.

Step 4:  Your Pivotal Prints Profile

Again, if you didn’t do this step when you registered for your Pivotal Prints account, please revisit your profile and complete the fields so there are no delays once your orders start to flow through to us.

And that’s it.

Once those four steps are completed, you’re good to go and we’ll start keeping your customers happy.

Useful links to do all of the above:

Create your Pivotal Prints account

Sign in to complete your Pivotal Prints profile