Start a t-shirt business with Dropshipping by Pivotal Prints

If you are an artist, designer, illustrator or entrepreneur, it’s time to look at print on demand as a way to monetize your work.

Stylish T-shirt or sweatshirt with a logo that can present a brand faster than expensive advertising.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, cups – everyday goods, you can turn into a designer product and sell it online.

But if you decide to go the traditional route, buying and storing your own stock, be aware – you may have a bunch of products that are not for sale. On-demand printing services offer an easier way to save your time, minimise investments and risks associated with inventory management. Allow you to move from creating a design product to selling in a shorter period of time and with less investment. The main thing is to choose the right method of application and product model for the on-demand printing service. Types of printing allow you to get an inexpensive but highly effective advertising tool for products: from caps and T-shirts to blankets, pillows and mugs, bags. Creating a corporate style of the company, interior design, clothing design in all these areas will help such a service as printing on demand.What is on-demand printing?

On-demand printing (POD) is the process of making a product by which goods are shipped to customers only after the sale. This means that the product will not need to be managed, stored or protected.

This means that, unlike setting up a store, you only pay for a product after you sell it. There is no need to buy inventory, store it yourself and send it.

You can make a number of goods and send them directly to customers. This allows the customer to buy products in your store, and the order goes to the printing supplier.