Print on Demand: Don't Hesitate to Integrate!

If you want your print on demand business to reach its full potential for success (which of course you do!), then you need to open up as many avenues as possible in order to reach the highest number of potential customers. There are many major e-commerce platforms that can help you to achieve this and Pivotal Prints has made it quick and easy to integrate our print on demand and dropshipping services with a number of these platforms.

In this edition of the Pivotal Prints blog, we will be looking in more detail at the e-commerce platforms with which we currently offer seamless integration.


Founded in 2004 as Snowdevil and relaunched as Shopify in 2006, this popular platform powers millions of businesses around the world. The five original founders had the intention of selling snowboarding equipment in the online arena but quickly realised that the e-commerce products that existed at the time gave them the control that they needed; instead of settling for second-best, the developers decided to create their own e-commerce platform. Shopify has enjoyed success after success, even gaining a coveted place in the Fast Company list of Most Innovative Companies.


Launched in 2011, WooCommerce has grown to become the most popular e-commerce technology with 29% of the market share. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for the popular WordPress and the core platform has been described as 'free, flexible, and amplified by a global community'. Noted for its user-friendliness, the WooCommerce plugin is exceptionally easy to install, use and customise to exactly suit individual businesses.


Another e-commerce platform renowned for being simple to use, Etsy was established in 2005 by a small company called iospace and is now a global marketplace specialising in the sale of creative and unique items. Since 2012, Etsy's number of active customers has more than quadrupled and is now regularly visited by well over 45 million online shoppers. Offering a range of powerful tools along with education and support programmes, Etsy is renowned for its ultra-low fees and continues to achieve its stated mission of 'empowering sellers to do what they love and helping buyers to find what they love'.

The dedicated team here at Pivotal Prints are currently working hard on developing new integrations with other e-commerce platforms including Big Cartel. Using our powerful API, we can also offer bespoke integrations with other platforms. For more information about our current and upcoming e-commerce integration options, please browse the Pivotal Prints website or get in touch with us directly. Don't hesitate: INTEGRATE!

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