How to Create a T-Shirt Design with No Budget

If you’re hoping to make a big break in the fashion world, designing your own t-shirts could be the perfect gateway.

Despite what plenty of people think, you don’t necessarily need a big budget to get started. In fact, it’s entirely possible to get started with no budget whatsoever. All you need is a plan, an eye for design, and the right tools and platform to support your latest products.

Like most worthy endeavours, you should start by coming up with a plan of action. Here are some top tips to help you get started without breaking the bank.

Find Your Niche

What do you enjoy designing? Perhaps you love the quirky, humorous t-shirts that deftly satirise modern society, maybe you enjoy the classic, straightforward chic look, or you may have your own brand-new style that combines a range of various elements from across history.

There’s a lot you can get done on a t-shirt, so whatever you end up settling on, make sure you can nail a cohesive design aesthetic.

A cohesive design aesthetic helps you build a brand, a personal style that you’ll use to market your clothes and hopefully impress your audience.

Speaking of which, who is your audience? Designing with them in mind is a must, so think about who’s going to be wearing your t-shirts.

Utilise Print on Demand Services

Print on-demand services are a dream for those with low budgets. This service takes care of the printing and distribution for you; all that’s required on your end is to upload your designs and sign up for the service.

Plus, this essentially grants you access to your own digital storefront without having to pay anything to get started.

It’s worth checking out our services here at Pivotal Prints for a prime example of an all-in-one print-on-demand service you can rely on to get your products to your customers.

You can even use this platform to create your t-shirt designs, so it’s a great all-encompassing tool for those of you wishing to get a quick start for virtually no cost whatsoever.

Market Your Shirts

Once you’ve made a few designs and put them up on a print-on-demand platform, you need to let the world know about it.

Social media can be a powerful ally in this regard, so make sure you post regularly about your latest arrivals.

It’s also worth setting up a few brand pages on various social media outlets. A website is also a key component in growing your brand online, but this might be best left for later on once you’ve had some success using a t-shirt printing service.

Design More Shirts

Fashion moves fast, and so should you, so remember to keep up with making new designs whenever you can.

It’s important to keep your audience engaged, and a good way to do this is to offer consistently high-quality, cohesive designs that fully represent your brand.

T-shirts can be highly profitable in today’s climate, so there’s nothing to stop you from getting started, not when there are great tools online to support you.

The dedicated team here at Pivotal Prints want to support you grow your business, get in touch with us directly to find how we can help you!

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