The Importance of Garment Labelling

Though small and compact, the label of any garment in fact offers a wealth of vital information to the wearer. In this edition of the Pivotal Prints blog, we focus in more detail on what information a label should include and why it is so important.

Information included on a garment label should include:

Material Type

Whatever type of material a garment is made from, this should be included on its label. Many people have skin that is sensitive to certain materials and can suffer allergic reactions if they wear the wrong type. Material information on a garment can help to reduce such instances. A growing number of people wish to wear clothing made from sustainable materials and including this relevant information helps to reassure them.

Garment Care

An astonishing number of garments end up in landfill after an extremely short period of time and this is often due to them not being cared for correctly. Washing garments in the correct way can keep them looking in tip-top condition for an extended length of time, protecting them from being damaged in the laundry cycle.

Different types of fabrics need correspondingly different types of washing and such instructions

should be clearly provided on the label. Common instructions include at what temperature a garment should be washed at, whether it can be tumble-dried and how it should be ironed to avoid damaging the print.


Clothing labels can offer not only practical and technical information to the wearer but can also be an excellent way to further promote your brand to them. A branded garment label provides a unique opportunity to express brand identity and drive success by building consumer trust and making a garment more distinctive.

Here at Pivotal Prints, we offer a full garment relabelling service that will help you to achieve all of the points mentioned above. Our labels are printed onto the inside neck of a garment using our state-of-the-art DTG technology; printed labels are far superior to cloth labels as many people often rip these out because they can be uncomfortable.

For more information about out garment relabelling service, along with details of our adult's and children's clothing products, please check out the Pivotal Prints website.

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