The Benefits of API Integration for Print on Demand

An Application Programming Interface (API) is, in simple terms, a software intermediary that permits communication between different applications. In terms of a print-on-demand business, integrating with an API like that offered by Pivotal Prints can benefit your business in numerous ways, saving you time and resources and driving further success.

Integrating with our API allows you to enhance and optimise your print-on-demand business via process automation. It will help you to connect disparate workflow processes, combining different apps, platforms and digital capacities to accelerate your capabilities and build a more successful, trustworthy brand. 

API integration will enable your services to:

  • Manage integrated software tools by connecting them together in one location
  • Synchronise the various functions of work in different departments
  • Take and process orders quickly, smoothly and autonomously
  • Benefit from enhanced promotion on social media platforms
  • Fully automate print-on-demand processes
  • Acquire and extend a useful and profitable database of customers

Selling online allows you to reach a global audience but can cause problems, such as with the proper calculation of shipping rates. Integrating with our API allows correct shipping rates to be reliably calculated dependent on customer location, making the process easy for you and clear to your customers. It will give the ability to automatically calculate costs for different tariffs as well as provide reliable shipping dates based on current workflow schedules.

Keeping tabs on the current status of a fulfilment/­delivery can take up a lot of time but it's an essential part of customer service. API integration can provide you with accurate, automated notifications about these statuses so you won't have to manually check whether an order has reached the customer. You can receive such notifications in various ways including by email, messenger or SMS.

You can customise API integration to send push notifications to customers. These can be based around customer data, personalised around things like preferences, interaction history and past purchases.

The business process automation provided by integration means that the whole customer journey from product discovery to fulfilment is made faster, more precise and completely seamless. All dependent processes are accelerated, resulting in a better customer experience and thus increased profitability.

These are just some of the ways in which API integration with Pivotal Prints can help your business to grow and evolve. Find out more information by browsing our website or get in touch with a member of our team directly.

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