DTF Custom Transfer Sheets

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DTF Custom A3 Transfer Sheets

Please allow equal space around your designs, this will help you cut them out and apply.

The DTF Sheets Self-Weeding and easy to use transfer is the best print solution for full colour tonal blends and photographic images.  Manufactured to the highest standards with the latest technology, with the softest feel and incredibale stretch and rebound. 

  • Unlimited colour options
  • Printing on almost all fabric types and hard surfaces
  • Photo-realistic compatibility
  • Extremely high wash fastness due to a special top-coating – Washable up to 40°C
  • Fine details and difficult graphics transferable without problems
  • Great Stretch and rebound – Colours/White does not crack
  • Pigment Based Ink Transfers
  • Easy To Apply

Custom Heat Transfers are an effective, high quality and efficient way to add your design to garments & many other products.

Your transfer will arrive ready to be applied to the garment. In your own time you just fuse it under a Heat Press for 15 - 30 seconds.

We also supply the finishing paper with your order to increase the washabilty

Art Work

To get the best print please use high-quality artwork and images that are not blurry when you zoom in. A 300dpi PNG file is the best option.

PLEASE NOTE: any white within the design will be printed. We have in house graphic designers that can alter/clean up artwork where needed at cost. 

Transparent, semi-transparent and glow effects do not print well on material and should be made as solid colours to avoid any issues.

* Heat press is recommend with this product

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The packaging that Pivotal Prints use for an order varies depending on the item being shipped and its white-label too.

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Most orders are shipped in our eco-friendly mailing bags, these bags are FSC certified which means the bags are manufactured from sustainable sources.

Clothing items such as t-shirts and hoodies are folder professionally to a retail standard

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Our postal tubes are specifically made for Pivotal Prints Customers, they are weather-proof reinforced cardborad

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Our A4 and A3 wall art prints are packed in our 100% plastic free eco-friendly reinforced envelopes that are printed with "Do not bend."